Get Your Ex Back: Learn From Other Forum Member’s Experience

by admin on December 16, 2010

A lot of various reasons ensue painful breakups. And after a little while, you would realize that it (the split up) was all a big mistake, and you still love your ex. But if you have no one to turn to solicit for advice and help, you can always join forums. Read an excerpt here:

“ok me and my ex split up about 7 weeks ago but lately i have been getting alot of advice from relationship books saying to not contact her in 4 weeks to make her miss me i have also started dating again but last nigt she inboxed my mother saying she was happy i have found sum1 new she then inboxed me a little while later but i don’t know what to do next my plan has clearly worked and she is intrested again what should i do – craigjohnson” To read more posts on this forum, click here.

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