Tips to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast

by admin on December 15, 2010

Some girls are pretty hard to please while some are just playing hard to get. Regardless, you still want your ex girlfriend back but the problem is you don’t know how. There is this article that discusses just that. Read the excerpt below:

“If you’ve ever tried to get your girlfriend back and found out firsthand that it’s just a waste of time and effort, think again.

You’re probably not doing it right. It’s not what you do that counts, but how you do it.

Consider these 3 time-efficient ways to get your girlfriend back:

  1. Call her only once a week – and stop apologizing every time you get a chance to speak to her! Stop those everyday calls that only end up irritating her further. Women are wired to be chased, but once you stop doing what you’re always doing to get your girlfriend back, the tendency is she’s going to start to wonder and become curious why. At this point, you’ve got her attention. And you’ve saved yourself a lot of time.”Read the full article here.

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willabicka December 19, 2010 at 8:00 am

hey whats wrong with jeans and a tee shirt look they may have money , they may have no life except looking in the mirror , they may have a mom that lays out their clothes , they may even need to feel perfect on the outside to keep you and everyone else from seeing their true colors.. I say screw them rock your jeans and tee shirts because it doesnt matter what you wear , its how you wear it! and who you are ! (((lame i know ))) but i wore sweatpants an a white plain tshirt and met the man of my dreams lol so really it doesnt matter what you wear ….just whats inside of your clothes that is …((your heart , your personality ))


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