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by admin on February 3, 2011

How do you get your Ex to pay you back

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It was supposed to last a lifetime, but something went wrong and he just walked out the door without saying a word. Now your going crazy trying to figure out what went wrong, and how to fix it, if you can. If you don’t find out, you may keep making the same mistake over and over again. That’s your first concern for now, though getting money back from your ex that you loaned him wouldn’t hurt either. The saying goes “don’t lend money to family and friends!” If the person doesn’t bother to pay you back (and most don’t) then there will always be that between you and you’ll never feel the same about the person again.

The Ex Back Formula

First of all do not harrass or stalk him, that will only make him want to stay away more. Give him a few days space and thinking room so he can remember how good it was between you. If you have friends in common do not pump them for information on how he is doing, but do not avoid the subject if they bring it up. If they ask how you are doing, just smile, say ‘fine’ (and mean it), and go on to another subject. Now would not be the time to mention you want to get your money back from your ex as it would only make them think your being petty.

If you have been invited to a party or other function that you know he will be at, accept the invitation and enjoy yourself. Do not pout in a corner and do not follow him around, just act like he’s not there. Let him see that you have a good life without him, but do not throw yourself at another guy in the hopes of making jealous. Not only could this leave him thinking he never really meant anything to you, it could make him think your doing it just to get him back. After a years you were together and now he is gone what went wrong?

What are the signs if your Ex wants you to be back?

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