My Ex Texted Me First Should I Respond Back

by admin on December 22, 2010

If you have suffered a break up, your emotions may be raw for quite sometime. You may be wondering if you should call or email your ex or if a clean break with no contact is best. One day, you receive a text from your ex and now you wonder what to do. My ex texted me first, should I respond back?

It is a common question many women ask themselves after a break up. Particularly if you are eager to have companionship again, especially with your ex boyfriend. Remember those great times you had together? He is probably reminiscing about those times as well and that is why your ex texted you.

Common Problem: “My Ex Texted Me First, Should I Respond Back?”

The answer to that question is solely up to you. Receiving a text from your ex likely means that he still has feeling for you. It also means that he is thinking of you, misses you, and wants to hear from you. Before replying to his text, you need to evaluate your own feelings. If you still care for your ex, it would be a good idea for you to reply to the text. On the other hand, if you are completely uninterested in having any kind of relationship with him any longer, you can ignore the text entirely.

But What About Playing Hard To Get When My Ex Texted Me First, Should I Respond Back Then?

In many cases, even when you do want to get back with your ex boyfriend it is wise to make him wait for you to respond. If my ex texted me first, should I respond back immediately? More than likely you should make him wait. This will give your ex the impression that you are busy and active. Your ex will be more attracted to you if he believes you have more in your life than just him. Replying immediately can signal to him that you are eager for his attention and he may value you less. Whether you want your ex back or not you most likely want him to value you quite a bit. Make him wait.

Just because you got a text from your ex does not mean that he is ready to jump back into a relationship. Do not jump to conclusions when you get a message. If you want to get back together, be open to the idea and start communicating with your ex again. Do not spend a lot of time analyzing what the message means. Simply take things one day at a time and start fresh. Contacting you is a good sign that your ex is thinking about you, but it does not always mean the relationship is healed.

What is your goal here? Be clear and specific about whether you want your ex boyfriend back, if you want him to want you, or if you really don’t care what his impression is of you. Once you have that selected then you will more accurately be able to decide whether you when my ex texted me first, should I respond back? Well ultimately the decision is up to you.

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