Do’s & Dont’s to Win Your Ex Back

by admin on December 23, 2010

Most relationships go through challenges and trials, and the most painful probably is a breakup. But many believe, the hardest part is winning your ex back. That is because there are just so many things to consider such as giving your ex enough time and space to think and heal, so don’t bother him/her with your incessant calls. Read the excerpt here:

“So many of us need “winning your ex back advice.” We all should realize that relationships are hard to start and even harder to keep going. Too many us feel that the break up is the definitive line that separates to people forever. It isn”t and it isn”t impossible to get an ex back.

With that in mind, lets go over what you should and shouldn”t do to get an ex back. You should never harass your ex with calls and texts begging them to get back together. Doing this worsens your chances by making you look immature and like you don”t have stability.

You should also never threaten your ex if they don”t want to get back together with you. The threat doesn”t have to be hostile, it can be a threat not to leave them alone or leave their apartment door all night. I have a friend whose boyfriend wouldn’t leave her apartment door all night unless she answered.” Read the full article here.

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